Which Tile to Pick for Multiple Rooms?


We actually hear this question a lot from those homebuyers who are wanting to install tile.  They are usually replacing the carpet with tile and incorporating the kitchen, hallway and other areas as well.  With all the tile options available, it’s a very valid question and you don’t see much advice about picking the right tile.  We have the expert advice.  Here is a blog post from our favorite color expert, Maria Killam, from her blog, “Colour Me Happy.”

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Here’s Maria’s blog post:

“One of my lovely readers Sian Morgan Kirk posted a question on my Facebook fan page about floor tile:

“I know you don’t love it, but it’s very practical and common in Florida. So I’d love to know what you recommend if you’re choosing one tile for many rooms, entry, kitchen, hallways, bathrooms.”

That is such a great question. One of the reasons I suggest installing wood floors through your kitchen, entry and powder room is because tile (just like carpet) is never neutral.

Even mostly white tile (like this image) is not neutral. Remember my post “White Is A Snob?”  Well white tile floors fall right into that same category.

Install this colour if you are decorating your house in grays, blacks, whites and fresher colours.

If you are installing tile throughout your entire house, choose the largest tile you can find, 18″ x 18″, 12″ x 24″ or 24″ x 24″.

If your furniture and decor is earth tones, browns, beiges and creams then a tile with green beige and creams like the tile below is what I would suggest. Even less busy would be my preference.

The tile that is NOT neutral at all is pink beige. However, when you look at a small sample it looks warm and neutral. Do not be fooled. Choose this colour specifically because it will work with your furniture and finishings, not because you think it’s neutral.”

After reading Maria’s advice, if you are wondering if you have pink beige tile, here’s a sample (below) that I found on Maria’s blog.  One thing that might help is this: beige has one of three undertones.  Beige is either a pink (or red) beige, yellow beige or green beige.

We hope this advice helps.  For purposes of value when you resale your home, this is important.  Remember, tile is not neutral.

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